Welcome to The 3rd Eye Haunted Maze!

RC Haunted Story


What they say

Located at the Anaheim Garden Walk, R&C Haunted House’s ‘The 3rd Eye’ maze promises “Horrors of The Orient” that will leave you shocked and amazed.

The Haunt List

It seems to vacillate between having an identity of intense, foreboding darkness and innocent, gleeful kawaii, as evidenced by its mix of eerily violent imagery and adorable blacklit chalk illustrations. As one of the drawings declares, it does bring MUCH SPOOK!!!


we love that The 3rd Eye: Horror of the Orient may potentially educate haunt-seekers about Asian horrors and introduce Southern California to Chinese vampires, who truly are as iconic as the more familiar witches, goblins, and zombies.



Haunted Maze

400 Disney way, Suite 168.
GardenWalk Plaza
Anaheim, CA 92802

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